Ryan Bastress was only eleven years old when he came to know Jesus in a small Church of God in Pennsylvania. Within the next two years, Ryan was filled with the Holy Spirit and started feeling a pull on his heart to preach.

When Ryan was 15 years old, he had the opportunity to preach his first message at his church during a youth-led service. Ryan, who was known as the “quiet kid” in the youth group, was extremely nervous to preach. However, shortly into preaching the message he had prepared, the Holy Spirit took over the service. All Ryan’s fears immediately left as the power of God fell. People began encountering God, and many lives were changed, including Ryan’s.

Since then, Ryan has been ministering the gospel across the United States. He has also gotten the opportunity to travel internationally several times since 2014. No matter where God opens a door, Ryan will willingly go in order to see people’s lives changed. 

In addition to ministering itinerantly, Ryan has served full time at his home church for the past several years. From 2012-2015, Ryan was the youth pastor and financial administrator, and in 2015, he transitioned into being the community life pastor.

Ryan recently went through another transition in ministry. In April 2018, he was obedient to God and stepped down from his position at his church in order to establish Wake Ministries. Before this shift had taken place, the Lord showed Ryan a clearer vision of what Wake Ministries was to do, and He increased Ryan’s heart for evangelism more than ever before. This step of faith has been stretching, but more importantly, there has been so much excitement and anticipation to see what God is going to do through Ryan and Wake Ministries.

Ryan and his wife Kirsten have been married since April 2015. 

Kirsten is currently the administrator for Wake Ministries. During the summer of 2014, she attended Iris Global’s “Harvest School of Missions” in Pemba, Mozambique. Her heart is to go to the nations, to love on the mama’s and children, and to experience different cultures while bringing the love of Jesus into those cultures.