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Image by Tyler Nix
Image by Nahil Naseer


Ryan Bastress is a prophetic evangelist from Hanover, Pennsylvania. Ryan has been preaching the gospel since the age of fifteen. In 2012, he became a full time pastor at his home church at the time, serving as the youth pastor and later as the community life pastor. 

In 2018, Ryan transitioned into full time itinerant ministry and founded Wake Ministries. His desire is to wake up and equip the body of Christ and to see people discover their true identity in Christ. 

Since founding Wake Ministries, Ryan has had the opportunity to preach the gospel across the United States and abroad in Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Italy, and Australia. For the past year he’s also been preaching regularly in Pakistan at crusades and on a TV program, all through Zoom. Ryan is willing to go wherever and however the Lord calls!


  • Loves spending time with his wife and two kids

  • Loves hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors

  • Coffee lover

  • Huge football fan (GO PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!)

  • Loves smoking meat on his electric smoker

  • Favorite color is orange

  • Named his truck "Orange Crush"

  • Hates the taste of carrots

  • Almost always wears crazy socks when he preaches

  • Favorite restaurants are Blue and Gray Grill (in Gettysburg, PA) and Cracker Barrel

  • Favorite places he's ever been are Colorado and Rome, Italy

  • Favorite foods are steak, Asian food, any form of potato, wings, cheese, and seafood

  • Every fall, Ryan has to get a pumpkin spice latte on a cool day

  • Has a cat named "Jake" that he secretly loves but refuses to admit it to his wife

  • Notorious for losing things specifically his phone, keys, and/or wallet

  • Chooses Marvel over DC

  • One thing on his bucket list is to watch the Northern Lights from the back porch of a cabin, snuggled in a big blanket with his wife.

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